Hero Image

Transfer allows you to modify existing images using a text prompt as a control. This is useful for exploring possible variations of an scene, assert or character, or rendering low-fidelity color-blocked images into stylized and shaded ones.

Your Alpaca plugin may look a bit different than in the video as we are constantly improving it.

Transfer is controlled by two inputs:

  • a reference image
  • a text prompt.

The base reference image will specify the general form and the underlying color palette, though depending on the Transfer Strength parameter, Alpaca will be more or less liberal in altering the form.

The text prompt can be used to alter the art style, silhouette, and shading/lighting of the reference image. Typically, Transfer stays close to the original color palette.

You can find some example reference images and prompts like the ones used in this example below.

treasure chest, cyberpunk, sci-fi, futuristic, technology, post-apocalyptic, masterpiece, best quality, epic, cinematic lighting

Reference Image

You can also guide Imagine by leveraging existing images as a template, also known as a “reference” image.

We currently support 4 types of references:

  • Pose: Extracts the specific pose of a character from the reference image to generate new images of characters in identical poses.
  • Depth: Preserves the spatial arrangement or ‘composition’ of the reference image in the newly generated images.
  • Hard Edges: Matches the sharp boundaries, lines or ‘edges’ found in the reference image in the generated images.
  • Soft Edges: Similar to Hard Edges but with a bit more freedom allowed.

Check our guide Using References to Guide Composition to learn how to use references with Alpaca.