A prompt is a short text phrase that Alpaca interprets to produce an image. Your prompt can have significant impact on your outcomes, so we’ll spend a bit of time here learning the fundamentals of how to write a good one.

As a general rule, an effective prompt should roughly follow the structure of the following:

Prompt Template
a [medium] of [subject], in the style of [style reference] [perspective], [emphasis], [modifiers]

Below are some examples of each component:

We’ve combined some of the examples from the component lists above to create some sample prompts for you to try out. Continue to remix and add to them as you like!

Sci-Fi Space Ship
a 3D render of an alien spaceship, futuristic, sci-fi, AAA game art, exterior view, white panels, sleek design, 8k, HD, majestic, awe-inspiring
Woodblock Bonsai
a woodblock print of a bonsai tree, linocut, risograph, blue ink, linework, simple lines, grainy paper, calm, serene
Anime Alleyway
an illustration of a cozy alleyway, 90s anime, manga, sunset colors, golden lighting, foliage, flowers, and vines, calm, serene