Alpaca is an AI rendering engine that transforms sketches, thumbnails, and images into high-quality, styled visuals. Whether you’re a concept artist enhancing a thumbnail, a product designer rendering a new concept, an illustrator, or an architect, Alpaca supercharges your workflow while keeping you in full control. Alpaca handles the rendering, letting you focus on the creativity.

By automating the grunt work of rendering complex textures, backgrounds, lighting, and details, Alpaca saves you hours, allowing you to concentrate on finding elegant solutions to your design problems. Alpaca is designed to extend and empower artists, not replace them.

ai sketch rendering of a cameraai rendering of a girl

Alpaca can render from a sketch or from a drawing

What can you do with Alpaca?

  • Ideating, generating moodboards and variations of existing assets
  • Rendering sketches, whether they be simple doodles or more detailed colored pieces.
  • Rendering complex textures and materials that would typically requires hours such as clothes, hair, grass, water etc.
  • Make edits to an image by only modifying a specific area without affecting the rest
exploration with Alpaca - AI rendering engine

Exploring concept variations with Alpaca

Key principles of Alpaca

  • Respect User’s Intent: Our model are trained to be maximally faithful to the users’ input.
  • Controlled Rendering: Adjust the degree of rendering to suit your needs, from a light touch up to a full rendering, Alpaca can handle it all.
  • Iterative Workflow: Work iteratively, blending traditional digital art techniques with AI rendering without overwriting your work.
  • Versatile Input Handling: Whether working with line art, colored sketches, or high-fidelity images, Alpaca adapts seamlessly to different input types.
  • Consistent Style: Achieve renders in your specific style, whether for games, concept cars, or any other project using style references. For larger studios we can even train a custom model for you.
  • Seamless Integration: Familiar shortcuts and layer system, easy back-and-forth with your preferred editor.
  • Data Privacy & Security: Protect your professional and personal projects with robust data privacy and security measures.

Getting Started

You can try Alpaca for free, today, by registering for an account on!