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Sketch allows you to control outputs using sketch references.

Here, we’ll show you how to control the outputs of your generations using line art sketches or doodles and provide you with some starter sketches to play around with.

Finally, we will see how to guide the Sketch tool with our own colors.

Basic Usage

Your Alpaca plugin may look a bit different than in the video as we are constantly improving it.

The Sketch command is controlled by two inputs:

  • a reference sketch
  • a text prompt.

The reference sketch will be used to control the form or composition of your image. You can create reference sketcheswith varying degrees of fidelity and detail, from a simple scribble to a more detailed sketch like the one in the example. Simply alter the Sketch Type in the dropdown box in the Alpaca panel accordingly.

The text prompt can be used to specify style, colour, lighting, mood, or other details.

Below, you can find some sample sketches and prompts like the ones used in this example.

treasure chest, wood panel, gem, golden accents, metal trim, plant growing, green gem, masterpiece, best quality, epic, cinematic lighting

treasure chest, wood panel, golden skull, metal trim, plant growing, masterpiece, best quality, epic, cinematic lighting

treasure chest, wood panel, golden accents, metal trim, plant growing, overgrown, masterpiece, best quality, epic, cinematic lighting

Using Colors

You can also get Alpaca to create generation that follow a specific color scheme by providing your own flat colors in addition to your sketch.

To enable color mode, under Sketch Settings set Color Layers to Other Layers if your sketch and colors are in separate layers, or to Sketch Layer if you have everything in a single layer.

When using a single layer for sketch and colors, your sketch line will also affect the colors of the generation. It is better to use separate layers for best quality, this feature is only here for convenience when doing some rapid testing.

From now on, any visible layer that is not your sketching layer will be used to guide your generations.

Make sure to keep your sketch layer and colors in separate layer and select your sketch layer before clicking Generate

You can play with Color Strength for more interesting results. This settings controls the fidelity of the generation with regards to your colors. The higher the strength the more Alpaca will respect your colors, but the less the image will change. To get more creative results, lower the strength.