Hero Image

Imagine allows you to create images using only a text prompt.

In the video below, we’ll walk you through the steps to create your first images with Alpaca and provide you with a few cool prompts to get you started.

Your Alpaca plugin may look a bit different than in the video as we are constantly improving it.

The Imagine command is controlled entirely by your text box input, or prompt. You can learn more about prompt writing by referring to our Prompt Guide.

In this example we used the following prompt, which you can copy-paste into your Alpaca textbox to experiment with. See what happens when you change parts of the prompt!

a digital painting of ancient crumbling ruins, cinematic game art, concept art, landscape perspective, jungle and vines, sunset, golden colors, 8k, trending on artstation

Reference Image

You can also guide Imagine by leveraging existing images as a template, also known as a “reference” image.

We currently support 4 types of references:

  • Pose: Extracts the specific pose of a character from the reference image to generate new images of characters in identical poses.
  • Depth: Preserves the spatial arrangement or ‘composition’ of the reference image in the newly generated images.
  • Hard Edges: Matches the sharp boundaries, lines or ‘edges’ found in the reference image in the generated images.
  • Soft Edges: Similar to Hard Edges but with a bit more freedom allowed.

Check our guide Using References to Guide Composition to learn how to use references with Alpaca.