⭐ Quickstart
Best Practices & Tips


  • Make use of Photoshop’s “Object selection tool” (W) to quickly extract specific items from a generation.


  • Keeping style consistent: Once you have found a combination of prompt and seed that give you a result that you like, you can “freeze” them in the settings. Extract the constant part from your prompt (e.g “octane render”) and store them as modifiers in the settings (see - Modifiers if you don’t know how to do that). The seed can also be fixed in the settings. Once fixed that seed will be used for every future command.


  • Removing hard edges: If the selection you want to fill contains hard edges (e.g. the edge of a previous generation), and you get bad results with a subsequent Fill. You will get better results if you first smooth the hard edges, you can use Photoshop’s eraser with a very low hardness (less than 30%).


  • Adding texture: If you draw something with very little texture (for example using the bucket), the model will tend to generate something with very little details as well. You can either add more details to your image, or you can use Photoshop tools like “smudge” to automatically add more texture.