🐛 Issues
Known Issues and Bugs


  • Result from a job imported in a new document: If you switch to another document while a request is in progress, the result(s) of that job will be imported in that new document.

Fill & Transfer

  • Could not complete your request because the selected area is empty: This typically happens if you select an area for Fill or Transfer that is fully transparent. Make sure you have selected the correct layer.
  • Fill & Transfer slower than Imagine: In order to Fill or Transfer, the model must see what is in your selection area to predict something coherent. This means an image will be uploaded for processing. In the worst case, that image can be up to ~3MB if you are selecting a complex 1024x1024 image. If your connection is slow that can take some amount of time to upload. Imagine only needs your prompt and as such requires much less data to be uploaded.
  • Black or White results with Transfer: This happens when you are using the Transfer feature while having a selection that is partly or entirely transparent. Transparent pixels will be converted to either black or white by the model before processing and thus the result will be heavily influenced by those pixels.