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Simply enter a prompt and alpaca will output an image matching it. You can play with the various settings to get different results.


Fill will try to fill any transparent pixel in your selection with something that is both coherent with the non-transparent pixels, and with the prompt you sent.

To use it, first select the area to fill with Photoshop’s “Marquee Tool” (M) and click on Fill.

Be careful to have the right layers selected. When you select an area, you might not actually have selected what you see if you have multiple layers. alpaca will only use pixels that are in the selection and in the currently active layer.


Given a prompt and a selection, Transfer will try to match the prompt, while keeping the main features that were present in the selection originally.

To use it, first select the area to transfer with Photoshop’s Marquee tool (M) and click on Transfer.

Adjust the Transfer Strength to get the result you want: The closer the result you want to achieve is to the original image, the lower you should set the Transfer Strength. Inversly, the more you want the model to modify the image, the higher you should set it